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What is the difference between hist and imhist functions in Matlab? I have a matrix of color levels values loaded from image with imread and need to count entropy value of the image using histogram.
When using imhist the resulting matrix contains zeros in all places except the last one (lower-right) which contains some high value number (few thousands or so). Because that output seems to be wrong, I have tried to use hist instead of imhist and the resulting values are much better, the matrix is fulfilled with correct-looking values instead of zeros.
However, according to the docs, imhist should be better in this case and hist should give weird results..
Unfortunately I am not good at Matlab, so I can not provide you with better problem description. I can add some other information in the future, though.

So I will try to better explain my problem..I have an image, for which I should count entropy and few other values (how much bytes it will take to save that image,..). I wrote this function and it works pretty well

 function [entropy, bytes_image, bytes_coding] = entropy_single_pixels(im)

im = double(im);

histg = hist(im);

histg(histg==0) = [];
nzhist = histg ./ numel(im);
entropy = -sum(nzhist.*log2(nzhist));

bytes_image = (entropy*(numel(im))/8);

bytes_coding = 2*numel(unique(im));


Then I have to count the same, but I have to make "pairs" from pixels which are below each other. So I have only half the rows and the same count of columns. I need to express every unique pixel pair as a different number, so I multiplied the first one by 1000 and added the second one to it... Subsequently I need to actually apply the same function as in the first example, but that is the time, when I am getting weird numbers from the imhist function. When using hist, it seems to be OK, but I really don't think that behavior is correct, so that must be my error somewhere. I actually understand pretty good, to what I want to do, or at least I hope so, but unfortunately Matlab makes all that kind of hard for me :)

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I have altered my question, actually the link you provided didnt help me that much. I have searched the web before, also found that thread, but I am still stucked there:/ –  simekadam Oct 1 '12 at 17:36
If you read the thread carefully it confirms that you need to use imhist, not hist, since the former operates on 2D images (i.e. matrices), whereas the latter only operates on vectors. –  Paul R Oct 1 '12 at 17:38
ok..so when I use reshape to convert the pixel matrix to one row vector, hist function should work? –  simekadam Oct 1 '12 at 19:30
That might work, but it would be inefficient and pointless - why not just use imhist in the first place? –  Paul R Oct 1 '12 at 20:06

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hist- compute histogram(count number of occurance of each pixel) in color image.........

imhist- compute histogram in two dimensional image.

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