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I have the fallowing FluentNHibernate-Mapping:

this.Map(x => x.Discount).Precision(8).Scale(2).Not.Nullable(); 

And this is the Property in the Entity for Discount:

public virtual Decimal Discount { get; set; }   

But the Schema (for SQL-Server), which NHibernate is creating, contains now:

Discount NUMERIC(19, 0) not null,

Can someone help me, what is going wrong?

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Does the HBM mapping that [Fluent-NHibernate] is creating look ok? –  mxmissile Oct 2 '12 at 21:35

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What Version of FNH / SQL Server are we talking about? Is there a special reason for using Precision() and Scale()? In view of reducing database size there is no mentionable benefit... My suggestion is to remove both, let NH handle this property and use a getter / Formatstring instead.

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