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I have an external file where I have defined my class:

class MyClass
  constructor: ->
    alert 'hello'

When the CoffeeScript is compiled into JavaScript, it wraps it with a closure. So when I try to use it in some JavaScript:

  var ob = new MyClass();

I get the error:

Uncaught ReferenceError: MyClass is not defined

but if I prefix the class name with window, it will work:

class window.MyClass
  constructor: ->
    alert 'hello'

How can I define my class without prefixing with window?

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I often do self.MyClass = class MyClass and had wondered if there is a better way. Incidentally, I use self because it's more portable, web workers don't have a window object. – clockworkgeek Oct 1 '12 at 18:22

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You can compile the CoffeeScript with the --bare but that's generally not recommended because you may pollute the global namespace.

My suggestion is to attach the class to the window object, like your second example, or even better, use this namespace function from the CoffeeScript docs to attach your classes to a single global object attached to the window

namespace = (target, name, block) ->
  [target, name, block] = [(if typeof exports isnt 'undefined' then exports else window), arguments...] if arguments.length < 3
  top    = target
  target = target[item] or= {} for item in name.split '.'
  block target, top

# Usage:
namespace 'Hello.World', (exports) ->
  # `exports` is where you attach namespace members
  exports.hi = -> console.log 'Hi World!'

namespace 'Say.Hello', (exports, top) ->
  # `top` is a reference to the main namespace
  exports.fn = -> top.Hello.World.hi()

Say.Hello.fn()  # prints 'Hi World!'

Source: CoffeeScript FAQ

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