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I am having this weired SVN issue . I have a file when I try to commit it shows me following error.

Some resources were not updated.
svn: Checksum mismatch for 'C:\Users\xxx\workspace\Accounts1\.svn\text-base\manage_report.jsp.svn-base'; expected: 'd32ed2ae778b684ee496adc1386c2a6d', recorded: '25bb91909b02c117c206b5ad1ac5aa5b'

I tried to delete that file from SVN and adding a new file and still I am getting same error . I tried cleanup too.

What's reason causing this ? Thanks for any solutions .

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Looks like a duplicate of…. – hotshot309 Oct 31 '12 at 18:50
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I really hate copy-and-pasted urls pointing to solutions, as answers to questions, but this blog has a very long write-up:

Basically, from his blog, he says:

1.Check out the latest revision of the corrupted directory into a temporary directory
2.Delete the munged SVN revision files
3.Copy the correct SVN revision files into the working directory

Now, his directions are for mac, but...

  • Replace with cmd.exe
  • Replace ls -la with dir
  • Replace rm * with del *.*
  • Replace cp * with copy *.*

Personally, I would make a copy of the ENTIRE checkout directory before proceeding. Also, read his warning/disclaimer.

EDIT: Update

Additionally, one of the comments on that blog post has a lot of merit:

This is a silly way.

Why not just check in the files you can, move your working copy dir somewhere, do an update to get a new working copy, and finally copy the remaining files into the new working copy. Delete old working copy. Done. No need to worry about .svn directories.

Why be married to a busted working copy? Just ditch it.

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Thanks I ended up deleting the file from repo and adding back again from scratch . – Pit Digger Oct 1 '12 at 16:48

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