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Problem: I'm currently project manager for a small project and we were using Dropbox, but I'm trying to steer away from using it for the following reasons:

  • Size limitations
  • Can't share individual subfolders (permissions for subfolders)

I'm looking for an alternative because we have alot of files and want to make sure the users have specific permissions.

What are you guys using for your small projects?

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I use Google-Drive –  Jan Koester Oct 1 '12 at 16:02
github.com or similar services are a valid option too ... –  user2485710 Jul 27 '13 at 3:08

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Gladinet Cloud shall be able to get it done.

It has team folder so you can assign team folder to specific team members.

If it is inside the team folder, that you want to fine tune the permission, you can use folder permission for sub-folders inside a team folder.

Using an analogy, team folder in Gladinet Cloud is like a network share in Windows Server. Folder permission in Gladinet, is like folder ACLs in Windows.

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