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so im using sdl, and im trying to make a sprite sheet of 360 different rotations, using SDL_GetError: "Width or height is too large" for my sprite sheet where each individual image is 63x63 pixels, the dimensions that i want is width = 63x360 hight = 63

what is a right approach for this problem? should i not use the sprite sheet technique? or somehow i can increase the maximum memory usage of surfaces?

SDL_Surface * p = SDL_CreateRGBSurface(SDL_SWSURFACE,newWidth*MODERATION,newHeight,BPP,0xFF0000,0xFF00,0xFF,0xFF000000);
std::cout<< SDL_GetError() << '\n';
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Organize the sprites in a 2D array like 36 x 10. The indexing will be a little more complicated, but you'll get the width way down. Notice that it's complaining about "Width or height" and not the total memory usage.

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