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The app I'm currently working on has a huge number of views. Some are webviews and some normal UIViews, with a ton of subviews. Now that the iPhone 5 has come out, how can I most efficiently change the frame size of the entire app to support both 4-inch and 3.5 inch devices? I certainly could use a whole bunch of if-else statements and layout several frame sizes for each view, but what's the best, most efficient way this could be done?

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the most efficient way depends on how well you managed the UIView objects, their autoresizeMask property or the frames and sizes... –  holex Oct 1 '12 at 20:03
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Most efficient way is to use one of the provided layouting mechanisms:

  1. Autoresizing – Each UIView has property autoresizingMask and by setting it to one or many values (using | operator) you tell the view how to behave when the size of its superview changes. Elementary options:

    • UIViewAutoresizingFlexible...
      • ...Width
      • ...Height
      • ...LeftMargin
      • ...RightMargin
      • ...TopMargin
      • ...BottomMargin
  2. Auto Layout – New in iOS 6, it provides more complex (very complicated) mechanism of relations between view attributes. Basicaly it is a superset of autoresizing and there are some long docs for it. I don't recommend it to you.

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