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Should I learn ruby first or directly dive in with ruby on rails with the hope to get the basics automatically? In the next 2 months I need to extend a project with ruby, my background is 7 years of PHP-development.

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To get comfy with ruby (and for fun) definitely read why's (poignant) guide to ruby. Then dive into rails and check out great videos on Railscasts by Ryan Bates.

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Personally I started directly ruby on rails, But I had someone to give me good practice.

This should take you a day.

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Ruby first http://tryruby.org this is an interactive ruby learning tool.

Then Rails For Zombies or Railstutorial.org

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Definitely Ruby first. Then it may turn you don't need Rails :)

During learning process you'll need to see how your code behaves on various Ruby versions.

You could of course use RVM or rbenv, however you can run your code directly in browser.

See CIBox.org for that.

Disclaimer: I'm the author of CIBox.org. Please do not treat this as advertising :)

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