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I have 265,000 files to load in a database table. Each file has an XML like structure and represents one record. I need to load all the files today into a table that does not use any XML datatypes: all varchar(265). I am using an ETL tool to load the files but it's taken 2 days to load 50,000 files

How can I do that with it taking weeks to complete? I am DB2 LUW v9.7.

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You could spend a day attempting to write your own ETL tool? How big are the files, that does sound rather slow for something that should be 'small'. And all fields in a files as VARCHAR(265) (256?) sounds suspicious... You may get better performance if you didn't have to open so many files, or are able to run the process on multiple threads/machines –  Clockwork-Muse Oct 1 '12 at 21:19
Agreed to everything you say. I made some progress though: db2 "create table tmp_xml (filecontents xml)" db2 "import from test.del of del xml from xmltest/ insert into tmp_xml" allows me to bulk load my data. I need to figure out to use xmltable and I will be all set. –  Chris Oct 1 '12 at 23:45

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