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I'm getting some strange issues with google app engine serving old versions of files. I have included some logging in one of my servlets and deployed to google app engine several times over the last 24 hours. However, instead of seeing the logging i added, I'm seeing logs from a previous version of the file every time the servlet runs.

I've tried changing versions and redeploying but this doesnt seem to fix the problem.

I'm using Eclipse Juno with the app engine plugin if that makes a difference.

Any ideas what I can try or what I might be doing wrong?

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In the logs, make sure that you're checking the correct version:

version in the logs of app engine console

Otherwise redeploy to a brand new version and check that version explicitly directly from the version url that can be found under the Versions section.

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Make sure that before redeploying your APP after making changes you Remove Launch and Remove All Terminated launches by pressing the double cross buttons next to the "clear console" buttons on the console window in Eclipse...I hope this solve your problem.

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I had a similar problem recently, and that I fixed by logging into appengine.google.com>MyAppIdentifier>(Main)>Versions and selecting the current version as the default.

This should not only serve your latest version, but also use the latest version for log viewing and other administrative tasks.

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