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I could not find this distinct info.

As I see it, there are two major developer licenses: one for in house deployment, one for App store deployment. The first - no App store, the latter - testing on a single device, and the device has to be connected to the Mac running Xcode.

So, what kind of license, should I, Mr.Developer get, to distribute apps to the App store, as an employee of MyCompany Inc?

I would like to deploy apps internally, and later, to the App store. I would also like to be able to debug my app on a real device, specifically an iPod touch, on a new Mac mini, provided by my Employer.

What are the exact steps I should take? What are my options?

A little background:

We're a small 20 something employees company. We would like to present demo apps, while the device is not connected to the development computer. If the customer likes it, then sell it. How do we sell the app then, only through App store? Is it legal? It's a customers company specific app.

This seems to explain a bit: Apple: Enterprise Account, but deploy to App Store?

The firm will have to also get a "regular" iOS Developer account.

This regular account, does it have to be tied exclusively to me?

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You may not need to enroll yourself. Your company should enroll under its own name if it wants to distribute apps either to its own employees (Enterprise enrollment), or to the App Store under its own name (standard company enrollment).

If customers like the app and want to redistribute it, then they will have to enroll as well.

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Yes, this is the right answer. – JJ_Jason Oct 3 '12 at 7:48

You can distribute the app you develop to up to 100 devices for testing purpose without bringing it up to the appstore. You do not need to be connected with the Mac to run it. Just to upload it onto the iPhone/iPad you need to be connected (obviously).

Edit: Maybe as an additional clarification. When you enroll to the iOS Developer Program they will ask you to identify yourself as a registered company (versus being an individual). We had to send the official papers when we enrolled. Then as the link describes

The Admin and Member roles are only available to developers enrolled as a company in the iOS, Mac, or Safari Developer Program.

The program is the same and is called "iOS Developer Program" no matter whether you enroll as an individual or a company but as you enroll as a company you can have several login accounts with different roles assigned. Maybe only the project manager or CEO can go into the financials parts while the programmer just has access to the various programmer resources.

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That's Apple developer license (non enterprise)? How does that fit in within my company? Would the license not be tied exclusively to me? Is it possible to upload to App store using the Enterprise license? – JJ_Jason Oct 1 '12 at 18:35
No you can have several people. The link that describes it all is review also the roles The developer program is not a "1 developer program". There is a iOS Developer Program and a Mac Developer Program and then there is the inHouse Developer Program which is not what you want. What you need is just the iOS Developer Program. – hol Oct 1 '12 at 18:41
Thank you very much. – JJ_Jason Oct 1 '12 at 18:53
How about B2B Apps Program and the Business store? What if i don't want my app visible on the app store? – JJ_Jason Oct 1 '12 at 20:33

I believe i need the Enterprise license. As I see it, I can perform the demo on up to 100 devices in my own Enterprise.

When the app is sold, the client buys the same license, i just set it up so, that the app I develop is my clients Enterprise App. And for distribution...

And there is a nice small solution called: Mac OS X 10.7 Server: included: profile manager. The MDM solution from Apple, only € 49.00 for the server licence and a Mac and you're done.

This way it can't go on the App store, but it's better so. I see people use published apps with a login. A little risky if you ask me.

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I see what you mean. When you said "If the customer likes it, then sell it" you did not mean to make an app for the customer in the app store but an enterprise app for there own need. That is different. – hol Oct 2 '12 at 6:11
I have to use the single dev license because i cannot afford to wait until my company gets a DUNS number. One year or less will probably pass, i'll develop my app, then get an enterprise license for the customer. – JJ_Jason Oct 3 '12 at 13:21

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