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I have updated my pre-lock script to lock files under a specific repository folder and it has been successful. My problem is that now I have files to lock which are under the same repository but different folders. I don't want to lock all the files under a particular folder, or else I could just freeze those folders using pre-commit hook script which has ability to lock folders or repositories.

We are still using svn 1.7 version, which does not have ability of file-based locking.

My question is if I can use a pre-lock hook with some data validation file which can provide all filepaths to lock as an input, instead of the current setup which has just one filepath as an input.

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What is the 'file-based locking'? SVN 1.7 is able to lock a versioned file. See SVNBook: – bahrep Oct 2 '12 at 17:50
sorry if my post was confusing.I am using svn pre-commit and pre-lock hook. pre-commit hook helped us in locking down a few branches we dont want anyone update. now our next requirement is that in an active repository, we want to lock down a few files so noone can modify. these files are under different folders. when I use pre-lock, it gives me repos and path option, with which my purpose is somewhat achieved. but if I create a branch out of this repo, the locks are not inherited. is there a way I can ake pre-lock work with a config file with the list of files(which needs to be locked).thanks – curiousgeorge Oct 16 '12 at 16:20

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