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I am sending a JSON message via XHR in a post request (content type: application/json; charset=UTF-8 - I am using firefox/chrome).
However, I am unable to process/receive the JSON message in the play 1,.2.3 controller - probably due to pilot error. Any insights/working example would be appreciated - thanks

JSON message (validates successfully in JSONLint):


Should I be looking at TypeBinder or create the object from the request parameters?

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You could also try using FLEXJSON ( in order to avoid running into any circular loop errors, especially when

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You can use gson that is embedded in play to parse the param. In your controller method

MyParam myParam = new GsonBuilder().create().fromJson(request.params.get("myParam"), MyParam.class);
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I ended up iterating through request.params.allSimple in order to get the value via request.params.get. I used the JsonParser().parse on this value to get the JSONElement. I then used getAsJsonObject() on the JSONElement to get the JSONBody. I retrieved the needed JSONElements through a get call on the JSONBody & then a getAs method call to get to the actual value. I will investigate TypeBinders in more detail - any other suggestions would be most welcome.

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