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I use one view for adding/editing DB data:

<input name="blah" id="blah" value="<? set_selected('blah')?> />

In my controller for edit I do this:

$_POST['blah'] = 'DB value';

But the input field is blank. I want the inputs to be prepopulated for my edit case.

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CI Views can take a data array as the second parameter as others have mentioned.


I don't like the idea of setting the $_POST array and then passing that as your data array. $_POST should just be used for values passed from the UI form. Since you would have to manually set your $_POST array anyways, you might as well use a separate array object. I would create an array with all your set values. i.e. array('blah' => $dbvalue); and pass that instead of a pre-populated $_POST array.

Secondly, your example code uses 'set_selected()'. The function is 'set_select()' and is meant for a option tag. So there are two issues with that line of code. It needs to either be

 <input .... value="set_value('blah')" />


 <option ....value="v1" "set_select('blah', 'v1')">
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Yes, a typo. I do wish CRUD could be less verbose in web frameworks. –  Executor Oct 2 '12 at 16:53
For simple sites, yes, CRUD would be nice if it was less verbose. I did a combination of creating my own CI Model class in conjunction with some Reflection to make it easier and less verbose. –  dispake Oct 2 '12 at 18:17

You need to pass $_POST to view, the posted data should pass from the controller to the view in the second parameter of the view loading function. try this

   $this->load->view('content', $_POST);
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Whatever you pass to the view get turned into an actual variable. So your code would be.

<input name="blah" id="blah" value="<?php echo $blah; ?> />
$_POST['blah'] = 'DB value';
$this->load->view('...', $_POST);
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print $blah but yes –  qwertzman Oct 2 '12 at 12:22

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