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I've been recently exploring how to access Android's Libraries via JRuby in SL4A. I know it is possible to design apps with Ruboto, but I just want to right a simple script to access APIs that current SL4A doesn't offer. I can import normal jars and such but I haven't been able to get Android's API. In specific I want to access 'android.nfc'. Is there a way do accomplish this that I haven't figured out yet or is it possible to not work; SL4A does state that JRuby offers a direct API bridge though.

Thanks, Clement

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The android.nfc package is part of android.jar, so you should be able to access it. Is it the getSystemService(NFC_SERVICE) call that you are having trouble with? – theFunkyEngineer Apr 24 '13 at 7:12

Can you include your Jruby code? Are you building your classpath properly and then doing the java_import as well?

I have a ruby file just for loading up my jars into my classpath that I require in every .rb file called java_jars.rb it contains the following:

Dir["target/dependency/\*.jar"].each { |jar| require jar }

then in the main ruby file do this:

include Java
require 'java_jars'
java_import ''

def methodName
    apiObject =
    # don't forget methodName becomes method_name in JRuby
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