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Per this post CouchDB in CloudFoundry?, I tried the same thing, but when I run vmc create-service couchdb I get the following error reported in the couchdb_node.log:

[2012-10-01 11:31:47.335301] couchdb_node_0 - pid=22864 tid=dfcc fid=c5c1   INFO -- Creating credentials: ue26fa08a-e8d1-4043-8ba4-71f7d779ce08/pa1cdc5d8-2e92-41ef-b2f1-bdb61b8ce693 for database d73a7c8d1-9b5e-411c-ab92-09f96c7875c2
[2012-10-01 11:31:47.338018] couchdb_node_0 - pid=22864 tid=dfcc fid=c5c1  ERROR -- Failed add user ue26fa08a-e8d1-4043-8ba4-71f7d779ce08: 401 Unauthorized
[2012-10-01 11:31:47.342074] couchdb_node_0 - pid=22864 tid=dfcc fid=c5c1   INFO -- Deleting user ue26fa08a-e8d1-4043-8ba4-71f7d779ce08
[2012-10-01 11:31:47.344598] couchdb_node_0 - pid=22864 tid=dfcc fid=c5c1  ERROR -- Failure deleting user ue26fa08a-e8d1-4043-8ba4-71f7d779ce08: 401 Unauthorized
[2012-10-01 11:31:47.349463] couchdb_node_0 - pid=22864 tid=dfcc fid=c5c1   WARN -- Exception at on_provision 401 Unauthorized: {"error":"unauthorized","reason":"Name or password is incorrect."}\n

On the client side it reports an Error 503. What do I need to do that would allow me to add users? I run CF as root on Linux Ubuntu 10.04.

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It was an issue where another version of CouchDB was running in the background. After killing that, I got past this error.

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