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I have a program which makes use of boost_regex. The library boost_regex has an undefined symbol named differently with respect to the version of boost I am using. For instance, when I use boost version 1.49, contains an undefined symbol called u_tolower_49. This symbol can be found within

Obviously, if an user who doesn’t have icu compiles my program, the link stage will fail because that symbol is missing. So I decided to add it to so that the configuration stage fails before starting the compilation.

AC_SEARCH_LIBS([u_tolower_49],[icuuc], , AC_MSG_ERROR([Unable to find icuuc, make sure ICU is installed.]))

Now my problem is that when the user’s version of boost is 48, the symbol is no longer named u_tolower_49 but u_tolower_48.

How can I tweak to make sure that the configuration fails regardless of the version of boost the user has?

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Nest the checks:

        AC_MSG_ERROR([Unable to find icuuc, make sure ICU is installed.])
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+1 for the idea, but hm, there is also boost 50, boost 51, and so,on – qdii Oct 1 '12 at 21:04
@qdii That is an issue to take up with boost! If they change symbol names to break the api, there is (probably) a reason for doing so. You could ease the pain by using an m4_foreach loop, but any solution will be hackish. – William Pursell Oct 1 '12 at 21:11

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