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I'm developing a small online game in C#. Currently I am using simple sync TCP sockets. But now (because this is some kind of "learning project") I want to convert to asynchronous sockets. In the client I have the method: byte[] SendAndReceive(Opcode op, byte[] data). But when I use async sockets this isn't possible anymore. For example my MapManager class first checks if a map is locally in a folder (checksum) and if it isn't, the map will be downloaded from the server.

So my question: Is there any good way to send some data and get the answer without saving the received data to some kind of buffer and polling till this buffer isn't null?

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Check out IO Completion Ports and the SocketAsyncEventArgs that goes with it. It raises events when data has been transferred, but you still need a buffer. Just no polling. It's fast and pretty efficient.

and another example on MSDN

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A code example of what you have would help, but I'd suggest using a new thread for each socket connection with a thread manager. Lmk if that makes sense or if that' applicable here. :)

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