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How to create full featured snippets in Dreamwever CS6 ? (similar to creating snippets in Sublime Text 2 - just like in this video: Here). I want to create a snippet with two or more places where i can insert a code (and switching between those places with tab). Is it doable in Dreamweaver ?

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Dreamweaver does not support parameterizable snippets, you cannot hit tab and the cursor is moved to the next parameter in your code chunk. Once a snippet is added to the page, it is editable like all other text.

The only way to get anything like a parameterizable snippet would be to create a Dreamweaver extension user interface (perhaps an Object or Command). Perhaps the following article can help with that:

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Thank you very much for clarification. Thats all i needed ;) – born2fr4g Oct 2 '12 at 20:50

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