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Is it possible in oracle dbms for a user to have the permission to create a table but not have the permission to insert in it although the same user just created it? Thank you in advance!

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Short answer:

No, it's not.

Longer answer:

You can do pretty much anything you want. If you want to restrict insert access the usual method would be to create the table in a different schema. Assuming you have a table emp in the schema hr, which you wanted to access from the schema 'users`:

You would grant users permission to SELECT from the table emp when connected as hr:

grant select on emp to users

or, if you also want users to be able to UPDATE emp:

grant select, update on emp to users

Lastly, when connected as users, you prefix the table name with the schema it is located in:

select * from hr.emps

You can now select from the table but not insert into it.

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