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I got a question about a special php framework called Koala-Framework.

I've set up an apache2 on my virtual ubuntu OS, added a virtual host reserved only for my first website with this cms, also added the hosts entry and followed the tutorial on , but if I enter the local domain (in my case the configured kwf-cms-demo.localhost), I'm only redirected to see the folder-structure and not the downloaded demo-website...

Which DocumentRoot the virtual hosts needs to be redirecting? (Because I think this could be the root of this problem...)

PS: /var/www/kwf-cms-demo$ php bootstrap.php setup returns:

Application seems to be set up already. (update file exists)

so, I think the setup has to be finished without any problem...

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Seems Apache isn't starting up the bootstrap.php because the rewrite rules in .htaccess are not honored.

Enable mod_rewrite like that:

sudo a2enmod rewrite

Also see point 5 here:

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