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I'm trying to make a jquery thumbnail gallery using images that are pulled from an instagram account.

This function collects all the photo info from the instagram api:

function createPhotoElement(photo) {
if ((photo.caption) !== null){var photo_content = photo.caption.text +  "  - 
     else {        var photo_content = " "      }
  return $('<div>')
    .attr('id', photo.id)
       // .attr('target', '_blank')
        .attr('href', photo.images.standard_resolution.url)
        .attr('rel', photo.images.standard_resolution.url)

            .attr('src', photo.images.standard_resolution.url)

It's basically a large main image, surrounded by thumbnails. And when you click one of the thumbnails, it replaces to large image with the thumbnail clicked.

The large image html is this:

<div id="image"><img src="[MAIN IMAGE URL]" border="0"/>

And the thumbnails pulled from instagram just get looped in this:

<div class="instagram"></div>

Using this jscript, I'm trying to replace the img source of the static img, [MAIN IMAGE URL], with the img src for the thumbnail that you click:

<script type="text/javascript">
$(function() {
$(".image").click(function() {
var image = $(this).attr("rel");
$('#img').attr('src', image);

return false;

For some reason, it's not working when the images are pulled from instagram. It just loads the image in the browser, bypassing inserting it into the #image div. It works fine when using static images, however. Any help?

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