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I would like to use a single batch file to execute multiple sql in a sequence.. IE: sql2 script calls a table created by sql1 script.. etc..

here is the batch code I have so far.. it works to run a single sql file but I need it to run the first one and then then next.. thanks in advance.

SET /P uname=Username:
SET /P pass=Password:
SET /P mydatabase=Database:
set oracle_sid=ins

sqlplus -s %uname%/%pass%@%mydatabase% @J:/A/scripts/_TABLES/Table1_.sql \n
sqlplus -s %uname%/%pass%@%mydatabase% @J:/A/scripts/_TABLES/Table2_.sql \n
sqlplus -s %uname%/%pass%@%mydatabase% @J:/A/scripts/_TABLES/Table3_.sql \n
sqlplus -s %uname%/%pass%@%mydatabase% @J:/A/scripts/_TABLES/Table4_.sql \n
sqlplus -s %uname%/%pass%@%mydatabase% @J:/A/scripts/_TABLES/Table5_.sql \n
sqlplus -s %uname%/%pass%@%mydatabase% @J:/A/scripts/_TABLES/Table6_.sql \n
sqlplus exit
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make a 'driver' sql script.

inside it would look similar to this:


then just call this one once from the OS

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How could I pass parameters received in this SQL file (&1,&2 and &3 for example) to the four files launched ? – Benobab Feb 4 at 9:47

Or you can run them all together.

cat Table1_.sql > /tmp/temp.sql
cat Table1_.sql >> /tmp/temp.sql
cat Table1_.sql >> /tmp/temp.sql
sqlplus USERNAME/PASSWORD@DOMAIN @/tmp/temp.sql
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