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I'm trying to teach myself how to implement a loading scroll into my scroll, but I am having issues with the div being called. The content is not loading underneath the scroll, but instead pops up on the side and looks the part as seen here when scrolling down.

The code in question is

if(y >= contentHeight-30){

        movelist.innerHTML +='<div class ="newData"><center>hey look at me</center></div>';

I want to append content to the bottom of the scroll before the bottom is reached. Any insight or tips would be extremely helpful and appreciated

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Many errors in the code.

To answer your question: You need to add float:left; to your div.NewData. Check this fiddle

Second: To add comments in CSS you need to use /* */ and not <!-- -->. Commenting with <!-- --> is not recognized by CSS so all that's underneath will not be applied.

Third: Ids are unique. All your <li> have the same id. Use a class instead.

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Thank you for not only helping me fix it, but explaining it so that I can learn!!! I appreciate that alot @ComputerArts – Octavius Oct 1 '12 at 19:49
You're welcome! :) – vyx.ca Oct 1 '12 at 19:56

Add clear: left; and float: left; to the class on the div you are adding it, then add additional stylings to make it fit the width.

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