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I am trying to get the facebook username or id from a facebook url and was wondering if you could help me. I'm sure it's just a simple regex function but I have tried and can't seem to do it myself.

Here's what I've been trying to get from the url.


or the numerical id


I would be very grateful if anyone could help me achieve this via PHP

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The pattern is versatile so it matches:

  1. http and https URL's.
  2. URL's with or without the www prefix.
  3. URL's with or without the trailing /.
  4. Matches Facebook numerical ID's.
  5. Matches Facebook's rules for usernames.

Usernames can only contain alphanumeric characters (A-Z, 0-9) or a period (".").

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Usernames can only contain alphanumeric characters (A-Z, 0-9) or a period ("."). True. But the numerical ID can also be used. –  iMat Oct 1 '12 at 20:15
Thanks for clarifying. The pattern is matching numerical ID's as well. –  jimp Oct 1 '12 at 20:34
It is fine. But it doesn't consider "pages". what if a url is facebook.com/pages/12345? –  Elton Oct 19 '13 at 19:47
I think this won't properly match usernames that start with a number ie. 01username01 (which is valid on facebook) –  Kentor Nov 3 '13 at 19:44
@Kentor The second part of the pattern will match usernames like that. –  jimp Nov 4 '13 at 3:33

Without regex:

$array = parse_url($url);
echo trim($array['path'], '/');
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