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I have a strange issue regarding the cancellation of an Appointment/Meeting in a C# Add-In. Of course it is possible that I do not handle the events correctly. This is how I do it:

  • Register Event BeforeDelete on AppointmentItem which may have 0 to n recipients
  • My goal is to handle the deletion of an AppointmentItem with and without a cancellation message:
    • No recipients: ask for confirmation before deleting in BeforeDelete. After Outlook has left the BeforeDelete event handler, the item will be deleted from the calendar. I use Cancel = true to prevent a deletion, if the user declines the confirmation.
    • 1 to N recipients: Outlook will enter the BeforeDeletion as usual. The main difference is now that there won't be a deletion but the Inspector opens ready for you to send the cancellation message to the recipients. In this case I want to ask the user for confirmation after he clicks on "Send Cancellation".
  • Problem: How do I differentiate between meetings with no recipients which get deleted directly and those who need a cancellation message to be sent?
  • Here the strange issue: When I create an AppointmentItem with 1 recipient, I already have different behaviors on different Outlook installations (both 2010, one with a Gmail account the other one is connected to a company Exchange Server): The Outlook with the Gmail account tells me that AppointmentItem.Recipients.Count is 1, the Outlook with the Exchange Server tells me there are 2 recipients (including myself!). Why is that??
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