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I am wondering where the variables in


should be modified best. I want to increase for example


But when I do this in the file directly, it is going to be overwritten next time I modify

my_WiXInstall/Sources/myInstaller.wxs (in VC++ 2010)

and build the WiX-project, because then all templated files are being re-build again (including config.h).

How is this done correctly? Do I use the wrong config.h or is it wrong to modify the mentioned wxs-file. Of course I could modify the "Generated" wxs-file, but that would mean keeping track of the version numbers in it by myself. That feels wrong too.

I am confused. Please help!

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I have found the answer by myself: The variables/makros should be changed in


They will then be distributed through the templates into all related files of the project.

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Note that your project directory is not always in the firebreath root; that's where it is generated, but it's recommended to move it out for easier source control integration – taxilian Oct 2 '12 at 22:21

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