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I'm relatively new to Spine


I have no idea where to start organizing my application's controllers and views. I don't really understand when to break something into a sub-view and handling different events.

In this application, I have 3ish major components:

  • Modals
  • Header
  • Wrapper
    • Sidebar
    • Content

I think I have the modals figured out, since they exist on every page. When I click a button in the header, I want to trigger a particular controller. Depending on the controller, the content of the wrapper (including the sidebar and content) vary.

Q: How do I tell Spine to bind all the events in the Header (such as click #foo: 'bar') such that it changes the content of the wrapper?

I have a lot of different views. For example, there's a mailboxes view, messages view, accounts view, contacts view, etc.

Q: When do I instantiate those views? On app load? When the associated button is clicked?

I haven't come across a good multi-controller, multi-view, multi-stack spinejs example. Everything looks so simple when you're only dealing with one model, but I have at least 10 models and over 15 controllers right now. I'm really lost.

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Any luck figuring this out? – Avishai Oct 30 '12 at 13:35
no :(. I had to focus work on other projects – sethvargo Nov 5 '12 at 18:23

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