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I have html page pass parameter to swf:

<param name="movie" value="Template.swf?xmlName=63">

and I can access the parameter value in my swf file:

var val:String = root.loaderInfo.parameters.xmlName;

so val = 63

But now I'm going to load another swf by the previous swf. How can I call the parameter from second (loaded) swf ?

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Simplest way is to use LocalConnection. Assuming both swfs are on the same domain :

Loaded SWF :

var connection:LocationConnection = new LocalConnection();

function yourMethod(value:String):void
    trace("I received "+value);

Calling SWF :

var connection:LocationConnection = new LocalConnection();
var param:String = root.loaderInfo.parameters.xmlName;

For more info on LocalConnection see here.

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thank you @Baris Usakli – Amjad Ibraheeem Oct 3 '12 at 18:47

You can just pass the variables the same way you did in your html

var val:String = root.loaderInfo.parameters.xmlName;
var urlRequest:URLRequest = new URLRequest("second.swf?xmlName=" + val);
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thank you @Will Kru – Amjad Ibraheeem Oct 3 '12 at 18:47
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Thanks for help but I did that Simpler I accessed the var val from loaded swf :

var xmlTextName:String ;
var asdasd:Object;
asdasd = this.parent.parent.parent.parent;  
xmlTextName = String(asdasd.val)// xmlTextName =63

I don't know what or why but it is running now (:

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