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My Spotlight importer is importing meta-data from a couple hundred of my app's document files.

All is working fine under the Xcode debugger with various files. However, the mdworker process crashes twice for the 300+ files when running the importer once it's installed on the system.

The stack trace doesn't help much to indicate the issue (some STL libary location) - Is there any way turning on more debugging information for importers running in the field in Spotlight server?
In particular the name of the file triggering the crash?

Any hints appreciated.

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Ok, just running the importer under the debugger for pretty much everything (a.k.a. /Users/) not just a particular file eventually tracked down the problem files, i.e. in the Xcode scheme using mdimport as hosting executable and options

  • -d2 (or d4 or whatever)
  • -g $(BUILT_PRODUCTS_DIR)/MyImporter.mdimporter
  • /Users/
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