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I haven't tried it but i think its easier then I expect.

I'm making a project with two codebases. My own with all the advance features and a public one with less features (one that only uses freely available software thus may have less features). Now of course I have a dev or feature branch so when its stable i'll put it into my main codebase.

My question is if someone else adds a feature to the limited codebase how might I pull it into my main codebase? Lets assume his dev branch is private and i only have access to his branch after its been merged with the limited codebase. I cant pull the codebase because they would be conflicts. What do I do? Is there a non weird way to diff the changes and apply it to my full featured codebase?

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If the history are very different, cherry-picking the right commit(s) seems the simplest solution.

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