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i am trying to implement a PHP function that will check if a user has a privilege to execute a specific database query (e.g. CREATE TABLE).

I have checked the MySQLi manual at:


..but i could not find any API to check connected user privileges.

What would be the recommended way to check if a user has a specific privilege in MySQL using PHP 5?

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Have you tried looking at Privilege System Grant Tables or SHOW GRANTS? – NullUserException Oct 1 '12 at 20:55
Hmm. I checked SHOW GRANTS, but i was looking at some cleaner way to accomplish this task. However, if there is no other way i will go down the SHOW GRANTS path. Thanks. – The Minister Oct 1 '12 at 21:02
I gave you another link, that might be closer to what you want. – NullUserException Oct 1 '12 at 21:03
i will try it as well. The privilege tables query looks like a cleaner approach. Thanks! – The Minister Oct 1 '12 at 21:13

Well, I do not actually understand WHY do you need such a query. If you run a non-privileged query to MySQLi via PHP, mysqli_query statement would return an error, won't it?..

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Yes.. but the whole point is not to handle and parse cryptic errors, and instead have a nice clean check. – The Minister Oct 18 '12 at 15:15

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