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We are having issues with IIS6 slowdowns when using more than 1.2GB of RAM in a single worker and would like to use more workers. However looks like ASP sessions are made by worker and when the browser accesses some page through another worker it losts the ASP session.

Do you have some tips on how to solve this problem?

We are considering to use some other way to manage session separately from IIS (not database, maybe memcache?). Do you recomend something?

Note.: The application is full of legacy code and we need to avoid big changes in code.

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Do you use any inprocess COM components that are 32 bit only components? (Note ADODB has 64 bit versions). –  AnthonyWJones Aug 16 '09 at 20:22
Yes. A lot. Update: We are evaluating ASPSession component from ADC Cure (nieropwebconsult.nl/asp_session_manager.htm) –  HGF Aug 17 '09 at 15:13

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I've had a similar scenario with a legacy app in the past and ended up writing a simple component to serialize the ASP Session object to & from the database.

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I solved this a few weeks after I sent this question here by buying the ADC Cure ISP Session component and it makes the same as your component. Thanks anyway. –  HGF Aug 11 '10 at 19:05

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