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I want a script that I run thusly:

logphone Foo Bar Tar:I Baz:D

Which actually runs

adb -d logcat dalvikvm:I ActivityManager:W AndroidRuntime:W Foo:* Bar:* Tar:I Baz:D *:S

How do I do this with any number of parameters? Note that the order somewhat matters (Foo, Bar, etc. can't be at the end). Bash if it matters.

I can break the steps down to

  1. For any number of command line arguments...
  2. Check each argument for a colon (:)
  3. If there's no colon add :*, otherwise leave it alone
  4. Inject it into the command line adb logcat dal…time:W __INJECTED_ARGS__ *:S
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Try the following bash code. Don't forget the shebang (if not /bin/bash) and chmod +x script.sh :


for arg; do
    if [[ "$arg" == *:* ]]; then
        args="$args $arg "
        args="$args $arg:* "

exec adb -d logcat dalvikvm:I ActivityManager:W AndroidRuntime:W ${args[@]} *:S

If you have a recent bash (see it with bash -version), I can improve it a bit.

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You, my good sir, win 1 internets. –  Hounshell Oct 2 '12 at 17:17
@sputnick, I made some improvements, before fully realizing what you might have meant by checking for bash version. Perhaps, you already had the solution using arrays in mind, but wasn't sure if Hounshell's bash supported it? –  haridsv Oct 29 '12 at 16:56

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