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I am working on a web application with Noir. However, I am experiencing problem with routing. Here's the code sample from my controller:

(defpage [:get "/users/add"] []
         [:h2 "Add User"]]
        (form-to {:class "form-horizontal"} [:post "/users/add"]
         (user-form {:id ""
                    :first_name ""
                    :last_name ""
                    :login ""
                    :email ""
                    :admin false
                    :staff false
                    :manager false
                    :customer false})
           (submit-button {:class "btn btn-primary"} "Edit")]])]]))

(defpage [:get "/users/:id" :id #"\d+"] {:keys [id]}
(let [user (user/get-by-id id)]
         [:h2 "View User"]]
        [:h3 (str (user :first_name) " " (user :last_name))]
         [:dt "login"]
         [:dd (user :login)]
         [:dt "e-mail"]
         [:dd (user :email)]
         [:dt "admin"]
         [:dd (if (user :admin) [:i.icon-ok ""] [:i.icon-remove ""])]
         [:dt "staff"]
         [:dd (if (user :staff) [:i.icon-ok ""] [:i.icon-remove ""])]
         [:dt "manager"]
         [:dd (if (user :manager) [:i.icon-ok ""] [:i.icon-remove ""])]
         [:dt "customer"]
         [:dd (if (user :customer) [:i.icon-ok ""] [:i.icon-remove ""])]]
         [:a.btn.btn-primary {:href (str "/users/" (user :id) "/edit")} "Edit"] " "
         [:a.btn.btn-danger {:href (str "/users/" (user :id) "/remove")} "Remove"] " "
         [:a.btn {:href "/users"} "All users"]]]])))

Every time I am requesting "/users/add", the request is being routed to "/user/:id" (it is fine when I remove /user/add action). I have very similar code for another controller and it is working fine. What might be the problem? How to set routing priorities?

Thanks, Jacek

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I see a little difference in your code in comparison with routes tutorial on webnoir.org.


(defpage [:get "/users/:id" :id #"\d+"] {:keys [id]}

On webnoir:

(defpage [:get ["/user/:id" :id #"\d+"]] {:keys [id]}
               ^                      ^ 

But maybe it doesn't make a difference in the end...

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Judging by the source code noir puts every route into a map, hence there is no way to guarantee ordering of the dispatches.

In noir.core:

(defonce noir-routes (atom {}))
(swap! noir-routes assoc ~(keyword fn-name) 
     (~action ~url {params# :params} (~fn-name params#)))

Later in noir.server.handler:

(defn add-route-middleware [rts]
  (let [ws (all-wrappers)]
                         ;Iterates over entries in a map, no particular order
    (for [[route-name route] rts] 
      (try-wrap (ws route-name) route))))

(defn- pack-routes []
  (apply routes (concat (add-route-middleware @noir/pre-routes)
                        (add-route-middleware @noir/noir-routes)
                        (add-route-middleware @noir/post-routes)

I guess if you have less then 16 routes noir uses PersistentArrayMap and ordering is preserved, but as soon as you cross this boundary routing is broken. My only advice is to use unambiguous URLs.

EDIT: Here's a bug report on a similar issue.

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As an extension, you can feed it Compojure routing setups, which while they aren't quite as independent as Noir's routes, maintain their ordering. – deterb Oct 2 '12 at 13:08
Davidbe's answer made it work, however I believe there might be a problem with Noir. Routes in my other controllers do not have regexp specified but are working as expected. – Jacek Oct 2 '12 at 14:11
@Jacek Well looking at the current implementation I wouldn't rely on it. – Ivan Koblik Oct 2 '12 at 14:30
@IvanKoblik Please be more specific. – Jacek Oct 2 '12 at 14:58
@Jacek Sure, as soon as number of handlers becomes greater then 16, order in which you specify handlers will not matter anymore. This is because Clojure when creating {} by default uses PersistentArrayMap which keeps entries in the same order as they were added, it automatically switches to PersistentHashMap when number of entries is more then 16, which will reorder the entries. It matters because handlers are kept in a map. -> If you have 2 handlers that overlap there is a chance that the one that were specified second will be checked first. – Ivan Koblik Oct 2 '12 at 15:26

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