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I recently found the TCPDF library to generate PDF with PHP.

A method to generate 2D barcode is also included.

I want to use this feature to generate PDF417 ad Aztec barcode without generating a PDF file. (Like saving it to a file (PMG. SVG, etc) I looked at the included files to see if I can find the code I need, but I didn't find anything.

On the website, akk the exemples are based on the fact that people want a PDF file... I jsut want the image :)

Any suggestion? I don't want to pay 400$ for a barcode :(

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Try using TCPDF2DBarCode Class. You would be using setBarcode() method to set a barcode. Next to fetch it in your specific format you can use methods like:

  1. getBarcodePNG()
  2. getBarcodeHTML()
  3. getBarcodeSVG()

Do check out the documentation for more details.

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@Bimal answered the question but here is an example.

Download the "min" package from the TCPDF sourceforge (http://sourceforge.net/projects/tcpdf/files/tcpdf_min_6_0_025.zip/download)

Unpack the zip file into your WWW folder

Create a new PHP file e.g. barcode.php

include the tcpdf_barcodes_2d.php in your PHP

create a new TCPDF2DBarcode object

generate the PNG barcode using getBarcodePNG()



require_once ("tcpdf_barcodes_2d.php");

$code = "hello";
$type = "PDF417";

$barcodeobj = new TCPDF2DBarcode($code, $type);



The last line actually generates the image/png data, so you could call this from another PHP script which wraps the output of this in a webpage. e.g.

<img src="barcode.php" />

The include file does use some other include files so might be worth pruning all the unnecessary PDF generating stuff once you have it working.

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Unfortunately, after trying I found that tcpdf do not support Aztec right now, but PDF417 is OK.

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