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The following code creates a text input field AFTER the Hey girls! paragraph when pressing on the push button:

function func()
var elem=document.createElement("input");
<p>Hey guys!<p>
<input type="button" value="push" onclick="func()"/>
<p>Hey girls!<p>

How do I make sure the text input fields are created before the Hey girls! paragraph and after the Hey guys! paragraph?

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Thats a job for HTMLElement.prototype.insertBefore.

Synopsis: parentElement.insertBefore(newElement, referenceElement);


document.body.insertBefore( elem, document.getElementsByTagName('p')[1] );

Since you haven't any ID or classname for your paragraph node here, I just referenced that with .getElementsByTagName. Would make things easier if you have a more accurate query possibility.


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Use .insertBefore(). You only need to obtain a reference to the "Hey girls!" paragraph. In your case, you could select the second paragraph in the body, or maybe the element after the only input in the body - or you use an id. Example:

function func() {
    var elem = document.createElement("input");
    var ps = document.getElementsByTagName("p");
    if (ps.length < 2)
        return; // abort! we didn't find our element
    var p = ps[1];      
    document.body.insertBefore(elem, p);
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Do the appendChild on a specific parent element, not on the body.

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