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I messed up with /usr/lib/libstdc++6 while trying to install teamspeak. So there I am, I have no more libstdc++6 file and I'm trying everything I can. I cannot use apt-get or aptitude anymore (I'm on debian). What can I do?

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Download the deb package for your system directly from http://packages.debian.org/squeeze/libstdc%2B%2B6 (you may need to use a different computer, or a simple tool like curl or wget).

If dpkg is still working, use dpkg -i <.deb file> to install it.

Otherwise, the deb may be extracted using ar x <.deb file>, and the data files can be extracted with tar xvzf data.tar.gz. You can then mv the files from ./usr/lib into the right place.

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