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I am constantly doing things wrong and getting unsaved transient instance exceptions in Grails. I cannot paste the code, and if I did you would probably just tell me to stop programming for ever. But here is the generic situation I would like some help with:

I call true, failOnError: true) and grails/hibernate gives me the ubiquitous:

object references an unsaved transient instance - save the transient instance before flushing: soexample.SomeOtherDomainClass

What can I do (other than understanding my own code) to see which property is the problem given I have several with the same class? I want a method I can call just before the .save() which will println/log/whatever the name of the property that's causing all the huff. Let me make an example:

class MyComplicatedDomainClass {
  SomeOtherDomainClass dataContents
  SomeOtherDomainClass moreDataContents

  static constraints = {

class SomeOtherDomainClass {
  String randomData


def someRandomMethodAnywhere(){
  def newComplicated = new MyComplicatedDomainClass()
  def imUnsaved = new SomeOtherDomainClass(randomData:'lalala')
  def imOK = new SomeOtherDomainClass(randomData:'lalala2').save() 
  newComplicated.dataContents = imUnsaved
  newComplicated.moreDataContents = imOK
  //At this point newComplicated references an unsaved transient, "imUnsaved".  If I try to save newComplicated it will fail.
  def badPropertyList = findUnsavedTransients(newComplicated)
  assert badPropertyList.contains("dataContents")  //So findUnsavedTransients method returns a list of the names of the properties referencing the unsaved transients

How would I go about writing the findUnsavedTransients? Is there any method already in Hibernate that will do a similar thing?

I am asking something different from my other question to list ALL unsaved transients everywhere: Grails: get a list of all objects grails is planning to magically save

Also, I see (and have read) the ~15 other "Hibernate: unsaved transient..." questions, and I am asking for a generic solution to see what the problem is, rather than a specific solution to what I am doing wrong in today's particular snippet. Teach a man to fish... so to speak.

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Wow i really botched the title as far as making a good SEO perma-link –  Mikey Oct 2 '12 at 0:04
remove the failOnErrorrs and print domainInstance.errors after calling save() –  Raphael Oct 2 '12 at 3:27
I thought for a second I was overlooking something so obvious, but its the same message, and I still can't tell which property it is that's the problem. –  Mikey Oct 2 '12 at 4:01
Try the contains() of the session.… –  Sérgio Michels Oct 2 '12 at 19:24

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Burt posted something interesting about that today.

Checkout the hibernate listener.

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