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Basically in RichEditBox you can paste text and it can automatically format that pasted text according to what you copied. I am wondering how to set a specific part of the document, such as a word, or sentence, to a specific form of font colour, or font style, or any other properties regarding text.

I cannot find any real documentation on how to do such a thing.


I found:

 richEditBox.Document.GetRange(3, 10).CharacterFormat.ForegroundColor = Windows.UI.Colors.Blue;

If someone knows something nicer, post please.

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You should look to re-format the data when the user attempts to paste from the clipboard string into the RichTextBox. Or you could re-format teh data on teh Text_Changed event for the RichTextBox?? –  Derek Oct 2 '12 at 6:03

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Simply use

richEditBox.Document.GetRange(3, 10).CharacterFormat.ForegroundColor = Windows.UI.Colors.Blue;
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Are you looking for something like this?


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