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I have node, mongodb and redis installed on my machine (mac) and am trying to test this app with the following instructions

Install and run MongoDB
Install and run
Edit config.js if you are running MongoDB or from another machine or non-default port
Start server by typing "node server.js"

Never having used node or express before and naively assuming that running node server.js would be enough to get everything started, I did it, but it said

![Error: Cannot find module 'express'][1]

This is the directory of the app


This is the package.json file. Is there something more that I have to do to get this running on a local machine?

    "description":"YOUR PROJECT DESCRIPTION",
    "author":"YOUR NAME <>",
        "connect-redis" : ">=1.3.0",
        "ejs" : ">=0.7.1",
        "connect-assetmanager-handlers" : ">=0.0.18"
    "engine":"node >= 0.6.12"
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Run this command from your project dir

$ npm install

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thanks, is package.json similar to a gem file in rails? – BrainLikeADullPencil Oct 2 '12 at 0:25
yes, it's pretty similar – Alex Oct 2 '12 at 0:26

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