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When I was using Play 1.2, how was able to annotate some methods inside any controller with @Before or @After (and others...) in order to execute a method before or after each request inside this controller.

How can I do this in Play 2.0?

I read a little bit about the Global object, but it doesn't seem to be what I am looking for. Also, action composition seems way too complex for what I want to do. I hope to see something simpler.

Any ideas?

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Unfortunately, you'll have to use action composition for the @Before, and there is no equivalent for the @After.

For the @After, I'd write my own after method at the end of end action; something like this:

public static Result index() {
    Result result = ...;
    return after(result);

protected static Result after(Result result) {
    Result afterResult = ...,
    return afterResult

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