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The following query gives me a single row because b.id is pinned. I would like a query which I can give a group of ids and get the minimum valued row for each of them.

The effect I want is as if I wrapped this query in a loop over a collection of ids and executed the query with each id as b.id = value but that will be (tens of?) thousands of queries.

select top 1 a.id, b.id, a.time_point, b.time_point
from orientation_momentum a, orientation_momentum b
where a.id = '00820001001' and b.id = '00825001001'
order by calculatedValue() asc

This is on sql-server but I would prefer a portable solution if it's possible.

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SQL Server ranking function should do the trick.

select * from (
select a.id, b.id, a.time_point, b.time_point, 
rank() over (partition by a.id, b.id
order by calculatedValue() asc) ranker
from orientation_momentum a, orientation_momentum b
where a.id = '00820001001' and b.id between 10 and 20
) Z where ranker = 1
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Thanks, that's exactly what I was looking for. One note, the columns need to be renamed or there will be errors like column 'id' specified multiple times for Z. –  Andrew Myers Oct 2 '12 at 12:24

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