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Ok this might get confusing cos I have not totally worked out how to explain this perfectly but i'll just show code to explain better than i could in words.

Basic idea: I am trying to collect all relevant data from queries assign it to a PHP variable then return it via json.encode for use on the site where ever needs be in Javascript.

So this is an example of what i am trying to do:

$stmt = $pdo->prepare("SELECT * FROM users WHERE uid= ?");
try {
} catch (PDOException $e) {
    echo $e -> getMessage();  exit;

    return false; exit;

$data = $stmt->fetchAll(PDO::FETCH_ASSOC); 

So i display $data at this point and i get this result:

Array ( 
  [0] => Array (
            [uid] => 1 
            [pass] => *****
            [show_name] => Dave
            [email] =>
  ) )

This is what i expected to occur :)

Next i want to add more results from queries to "$data". Like so:

    $stmt = $pdo->prepare("SELECT * FROM databank WHERE uid=?");
    } catch (PDOException $e){
        echo $e -> getMessage();  exit;
$data .= $stmt->fetchAll(PDO::FETCH_ASSOC);

This is where it goes wrong... when i echo/print_r $data at this point the result is:


Can some one explain why this occurs ? And how i solve it please :)

Thank you for your time!

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You're concatenating each result to $data as though the results were strings, but they're arrays; when forced to represent an array as a string, PHP produces 'Array', which is not what you want.

Before your first line, do

 $data = array();

and in place of your last line, do

 $data[] = $stmt->fetchAll(PDO::FETCH_ASSOC)

and you should get

Array ( 
  [0] => Array (
            [uid] => 1 
            [pass] => *****
            [show_name] => Dave
            [email] =>
  [1] => Array (
            [uid] => 2
            [pass] => *****
            [show_name] => Joe
            [email] =>

in $data.

Hope this helps!

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I dunno why but its not displaying in that nice and easy to read format its just one line of long text =/ ? I use print_r($data); – Dave Oct 2 '12 at 4:21
Oh wait i added <pre> that solved it :P – Dave Oct 2 '12 at 4:23
Great! Now you can see whether or not my answer solved your problem, so you can tell whether or not to accept the answer and bump my rep. :D – Aaron Miller Oct 2 '12 at 4:28
Yes its working will tick :) thanks! – Dave Oct 2 '12 at 4:29
Glad to be of help! – Aaron Miller Oct 2 '12 at 4:32

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