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In my index.html I have:

<ellipse id="ellipseRed" cx="500" cy="1300" rx="40" ry="150" />

In my javascript file I have:

$('ellipse').click(function() {
  $(this).attr('transform', 'translate(0 -350) rotate(0)');

The transform works, but it is not smooth. That is it seems to "jump" to its new location rather than transition into it.

I want to click the SVG ellipse and have it slowly move vertically up. Then If I click it again, have it slowly move down.

I'm new html, SVG, and jQuery/Javascript

Am I even going about this the right way? Should I be using jQuery to animate this SVG?

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While it is certainly possible to animate SVG with jQuery it is awkward and not very efficient. I'd suggest using a library with good SVG support such as Raphael or D3.

This is how you would do it in jQuery:

//jQuery way, not recommended
$('#ellipseRed').click(function() {
    //min-height is just a placeholder value
    //so jquery knows what values to put into
    //the transformation
    .css({"min-height": 0})
      {"min-height": -350},
      {duration: 1000,
       step: function( top ){
           this.setAttribute("transform", "translate(0,"+top+")");

Compare how clear this is in D3:"#ellipseBlue").on("click", function(){
      .attr("transform", "translate(0,0)")
        .attr("transform", "translate(0,-350)")

You can find a demo here:

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Thank you! That looks great. I am going to checkout D3 too. – steve Oct 2 '12 at 5:21

For animation you must use translate. Example you can see here

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Animating SVG Elements with CSS transitions is only supported on Webkit. – Duopixel Oct 2 '12 at 5:20
Thank you for the link. It's very relevant to what I am learning now. – steve Oct 2 '12 at 5:20

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