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I want to customize autofilter row

I create template for autofilter row and set gridColumn AutofilterRowEdiTtemplate to my template

Its works for general column but for datetime column always show dateedit in Autorowfilter

i dont want dateedit to be shown on autofilter

what should i do?


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Have you tried to ask this in the Devexpress forum? – Zabavsky Oct 2 '12 at 14:46

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Check ColumnBase.ColumnFilterMode Property, you can customize your filter mode for specific column. This is WPF grid Reference, but silverlight grid also have such properties. check Filter Modes and Custom Filtering..

Code snippet for reference:

foreach (GridColumn column in grvAvailableCompnents.Columns)
    column.OptionsFilter.FilterPopupMode = FilterPopupMode.CheckedList;
    column.OptionsFilter.AutoFilterCondition = AutoFilterCondition.Contains;

Reference: GridControl.CustomRowFilter Event

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