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How to possible catch exception on PHP when unserialize generate error?

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A simple way is:

$ret = @unserialize($foo);
if($ret === null){
   //Error case

But it isn't the most modern solution.

The best way is as mentioned before to have a custom error/exception handler (not only for this case). But depending of what you are doing it may be overkill.

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per documentation:In case the passed string is not unserializeable, FALSE is returned. Luckily few ones would do serialize(false) –  gfaceless Jan 29 at 11:26

No, you can't catch it, unserialize() does not throw Exception.

In case the passed string is not unserializeable, FALSE is returned and E_NOTICE is issued.

you can set a custom Exception handler to handle all errors:

function exception_error_handler($errno, $errstr, $errfile, $errline ) {
    throw new ErrorException($errstr, $errno, 0, $errfile, $errline);
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Convert all PHP errors (warnings notices etc) to exceptions. Example is here.

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