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I'm trying to implement an SMPP client using logica SMPP APIs.

The problem i'm facing is, How to map the request pdu with response pdu in an async mode? I thought i can do that using CommandId and sequence number. But the CommandId return by logica simulator is not equal to the request CommandId.

Example :

Enquire Link Comman ID (Request) = 21
Enquire Link Comman ID (async response from simulator) = -2147483627

Please tell me how I can map the request event with response event in async mode.

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Looking at the protocol definition PDF Table 6.1 on page 16, you can find that the field used for correlation is not CommandID (that defines the type of request) but Sequence No.

From the document:

A sequence number allowing requests and responses to be associated. Allocation of this reference number is the responsibility of the originator, who should ensure that the number is monotonically increasing for each submitted request. The associated response packet must preserve this field.

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Thanks for the response. During mapping i have to identified the event as their will be responses from multiple events, that's why i needed the CommanID. –  Sas Oct 2 '12 at 6:28
From Doc i got the answer. All i need to do was unset 31 bit ( In general a response command identifier will be identical to the corresponding request command identifier, but with bit 31 set. ) –  Sas Oct 2 '12 at 6:30

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