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For ExpMovAvg, there is the code TChart1.Series(1).FunctionType.asExpMovAvg.IgnoreNulls = True to ignore the nulls, but for ATR, I didn't find anything after FunctionType (There is FunctionType.asADX for ADX,but nothing for ATR), so how to do that for ATR, thanks. (I use Teechart2011 Eval & VB6)

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I'm afraid the IgnoreNulls property doesn't exist for this function type. Since TeeChart ActiveX is a wrapper from TeeChart VCL version, I've added it to the VCL wish list to be implemented in next versions (TV52016368).

In the meanwhile, the only way I can think of to achieve the same is to completely remove the null points from the source series.

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My tremendous appreciations for your quick and in time reply!! –  dixon8888 Oct 2 '12 at 13:38

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