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I am trying to debug a kernel module. I have a piece of code to get the number of maps in a process:

    static int tmp_func(void){
      int count = 0;
      struct mm_struct  *mm = current->mm;
      struct vm_area_struct *map;
      /* 1. just counts maps ... */
      for (map = mm->mmap; map ; map = map->vm_next) {
         count ++;
      printk("tmp_func,count: %d\n",count);
      return count;

It returns 28. when I check the core dump there are 32 loads:

    (gdb)maintenance info sections
     Core file:
     file type elf64-x86-64.
     0x00000000->0x00000344 at 0x00000778: note0 READONLY HAS_CONTENTS
     0x00000000->0x000000d8 at 0x000007fc: .reg/22787 HAS_CONTENTS
     0x00000000->0x000000d8 at 0x000007fc: .reg HAS_CONTENTS
     0x00000000->0x00000130 at 0x0000098c: .auxv HAS_CONTENTS
     0x00400000->0x00400000 at 0x00001000: load1 ALLOC READONLY CODE
     0x00600000->0x00601000 at 0x00001000: load2 ALLOC LOAD HAS_CONTENTS
     0x00601000->0x00622000 at 0x00002000: load3 ALLOC LOAD HAS_CONTENTS
     0x390ee00000->0x390ee00000 at 0x00023000: load4 ALLOC READONLY CODE
     0x390f01c000->0x390f01d000 at 0x00023000: load5 ALLOC LOAD READONLY HAS_CONTENTS
     0x390f01d000->0x390f01e000 at 0x00024000: load6 ALLOC LOAD HAS_CONTENTS
     0x390f200000->0x390f200000 at 0x00025000: load7 ALLOC READONLY CODE
     0x390f34e000->0x390f34e000 at 0x00025000: load8 ALLOC READONLY
     0x390f54e000->0x390f552000 at 0x00025000: load9 ALLOC LOAD READONLY HAS_CONTENTS
     0x390f552000->0x390f553000 at 0x00029000: load10 ALLOC LOAD HAS_CONTENTS
     0x390f553000->0x390f558000 at 0x0002a000: load11 ALLOC LOAD HAS_CONTENTS
     0x390f600000->0x390f600000 at 0x0002f000: load12 ALLOC READONLY CODE
     0x390f602000->0x390f602000 at 0x0002f000: load13 ALLOC READONLY
     0x390f802000->0x390f803000 at 0x0002f000: load14 ALLOC LOAD READONLY HAS_CONTENTS
     0x390f803000->0x390f804000 at 0x00030000: load15 ALLOC LOAD HAS_CONTENTS
     0x390fa00000->0x390fa00000 at 0x00031000: load16 ALLOC READONLY CODE
     0x390fa16000->0x390fa16000 at 0x00031000: load17 ALLOC READONLY
     0x390fc15000->0x390fc16000 at 0x00031000: load18 ALLOC LOAD READONLY HAS_CONTENTS
     0x390fc16000->0x390fc17000 at 0x00032000: load19 ALLOC LOAD HAS_CONTENTS
     0x390fc17000->0x390fc1b000 at 0x00033000: load20 ALLOC LOAD HAS_CONTENTS
     0x3912200000->0x3912200000 at 0x00037000: load21 ALLOC READONLY CODE
     0x391220d000->0x391220d000 at 0x00037000: load22 ALLOC READONLY
     0x391240d000->0x391240e000 at 0x00037000: load23 ALLOC LOAD HAS_CONTENTS
     0x2b1df1bef000->0x2b1df1bf1000 at 0x00038000: load24 ALLOC LOAD HAS_CONTENTS
     0x2b1df1bf1000->0x2b1df1bf1000 at 0x0003a000: load25 ALLOC READONLY CODE
     0x2b1df1bfa000->0x2b1df1bfa000 at 0x0003a000: load26 ALLOC READONLY
     0x2b1df1dfa000->0x2b1df1dfb000 at 0x0003a000: load27 ALLOC LOAD HAS_CONTENTS
     0x2b1df1dfb000->0x2b1df1dfd000 at 0x0003b000: load28 ALLOC LOAD HAS_CONTENTS
     0x2b1df1e0f000->0x2b1df1e12000 at 0x0003d000: load29 ALLOC LOAD HAS_CONTENTS
     0x7fff99a35000->0x7fff99a4a000 at 0x00040000: load30 ALLOC LOAD HAS_CONTENTS
     0x7fff99b5e000->0x7fff99b5f000 at 0x00055000: load31 ALLOC LOAD READONLY CODE HAS_CONTENTS
     0xffffffffff600000->0xffffffffff600000 at 0x00056000: load32 ALLOC READONLY CODE

I checked and found out that load 3,21,22,23 are not counted in my code.

I got the full content of all sections. Here:

    load3: has
    load21 and load22 were not there
    load23: nothing meaningful (seems to be a Hash Section)

I am wondering what could be the reason.

info: x86_64, centos 5.7, 2.6.32, GCC 4.1.2.

[edit: my application here is a for loop with a printf and a sleep]

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I don't understand how a core dump is relevant to debugging a kernel module. Core dumps are images of user-level processes so are not relevant to kernel stuff. –  Basile Starynkevitch Oct 2 '12 at 6:53
Yes, that's true. Well I have a kernel module that serves applications ioctl calls, do a page table walk,... . there is a bug in my module, so at some point in the code I intentionally make the application to segfault. that way I can check the core dump. –  user1713500 Oct 2 '12 at 7:14
But that core dump won't contain any kernel related data (except the generic process related data). Your module won't interfere with the core file. –  Basile Starynkevitch Oct 2 '12 at 7:42
I can print kernel level info in syslog. Right now, the problem is why the mmap count does not match with process image information. My module used to work on another system with (fedora13, libc2.12,GCC4.4.4, 2.6.31). But after moving to this system it fails. –  user1713500 Oct 2 '12 at 8:00
What does pmap or cat /proc/$(pidof youapp)/maps or `cat /proc/$(pidof youapp)/smaps show when your process is still running ? Perhaps the extra loads are related to VDSO? –  Basile Starynkevitch Oct 2 '12 at 13:15

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